WCCI Holstein-Latham Grant Program




Thanks to generous contributions from members and friends, West Coast Companeros, Inc., (WCCI) is currently able to provide a small number of modest grants ($250-$500) to support activities that are in keeping with our mission, focusing on social justice projects rooted in the Ignatian spirit. Our mission can be summarized by one of WCCIs primary objectives: To seek opportunities to establish programs in conjunction with the Society of Jesus and/or other groups affiliated with its vision and commitment to alleviate poverty, to educate, to promote human and civil rights, and to achieve social justice.


We have developed a streamlined application and evaluation process to handle requests for funding in a transparent and accountable way. Any Compaero can serve as a sponsor for a project and submit an application on its behalf. A small committee of the WCCI board evaluates the applications and makes funding recommendations to the board. The boards decisions are communicated to the Companion sponsor and any grant funding awarded is sent to the project contact person.



Saturday morning social justice meeting
during the 2012 reunion-for-renewal weekend




The following guidelines are used for evaluating applications:

      The gift relates to our Companions mission statement.

      Priority is given to organizations with Ignatian roots or inspiration.

      Concentrate on smaller, well-targeted gifts to grass-roots organizations.

      Companion sponsor has a personal commitment to the project.

      Matching donations (from additional fund-raising) are encouraged.

      A sponsor is limited to two new applications per year.


The instructions for filling out and submitting the application are included with the PDF form. Use a recent version of Adobe Reader, which you can download from



Return the completed application by December 31, 2017 for consideration in the current round of evaluations.


Any questions about the WCCI grant program can be sent to westcoastcompaneros@gmail.com.



Download the WCCI Grant Application Form (PDF)


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