Formation:      In October 1998, through the efforts of Bob Holstein, the Companions, mostly former—and a few current—members of the Society of Jesus, were incorporated as named above. The initial annual meeting was held at the annual reunion in February 1999. The current Officers and other Directors for 2018-2020 are as follows:*


President: David T. Van Etten CFN 1958

Treasurer: Jenny Donovan

Vice-President: Jim Donovan CFN 1974

Secretary: Melinda Aldrian


Additional Board Members:

Bill Becker CFN 1964

Doug McFerran CFN 1952

Bob Haslam CFN 1962

Dave Myers ORE 1957

Bob Kramer CDA 1953

John Suggs CFN 1984

Jerry Lagomarsino CFN 1958



*SJ Province abbreviations: CDA=English Canada, CFN=California, ORE=Oregon


Purpose:          To encourage spiritual development and the exchange of ideas on theological, moral, ethical and religious subjects; to provide opportunities for persons to act on their ethical, moral and religious beliefs; to work together with other nonprofit religious, charitable and/or educational organizations to foster, encourage, support, establish, maintain, and/or operate programs, activities, institutions or facilities which teach, encourage, implement or challenge the mission and/or principles of the Society of Jesus.


Objectives:      a) To contact former members of the Society of Jesus and encourage their participation in programs and activities of the corporation; b) to hold an annual retreat for spiritual contemplation and renewal; c) to create a communication network for former members of the Society of Jesus and other interested persons to discuss theological, ethical, moral and religious issues; d) to inform former members of the Society of Jesus and other interested persons of opportunities to act on the principles of their religious faith; and e) to seek opportunities to establish programs in conjunction with the Society of Jesus and/or other groups affiliated with its vision and commitment to alleviate poverty, to educate, to promote human and civil rights, and to achieve social justice.


Networking:    Email Dave Van Etten at dtvanetten@yahoo.com or the designated contact for further information on any of the following activities.


            Annual Reunion: February 8–10, 2019 at the Villa Maria del Mar (Santa Cruz, California).


            Companions Directory: Bob Holstein-initiated project to create an updated database of former Jesuits (initially CFN/ORE Provinces, now extended to many others) and to make available a Directory for all members. (Contact Robert R. Rahl westcoastcompaneros@gmail.com )


            Website:         http://www.westcoastcompanions.org


Doug McFerran


Robert R. Rahl



            Email Groups:


Doug McFerran


Robert R. Rahl


Dave Van Etten



            To subscribe to any of these groups send a blank message to its email address.



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This is a general discussion group for the members of West Coast Companeros, Inc. (WCCI), a group of former Jesuits primarily from the California and Oregon provinces but also from many other places.



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This email group provides a means for participants to share input to the planning of the annual Companions reunion on the first weekend of February at the Villa Maria del Mar in Santa Cruz.


WCCI ~ 702 CREE DRIVE~SAN JOSE, CA 95123-4614

VOICE 408-365-8809 ~ FAX 408-972-9257