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For information on efforts to end the School of the Americas, which has trained many of the men in the death squads operating in Central and South America, go to SOA Watch.

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The Companions mourn the passing of the activist and visionary who undertook the task of calling us together many years ago.  We hope to maintain his legacy, not least of which has been the reminder that we remain Jesuits at heart.


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Who are the Companions? All present and former Jesuits are invited to come to our annual February reunions in Santa Cruz, and many share their thoughts in the often spirited debates on our listserv.


Bernie Cassidy, SJ, Juanita Cordero and the choir lead the Saturday
afternoon liturgy at the 2010 Santa Cruz reunion

William O'Connell: oral history of his time at Alma College
April Halberstadt is a family friend and an historian for Santa Clara County. She has worked diligently with the Peninsula Open Space people to preserve knowledge of the Jesuit presence at Alma. . . . Before his death, April and her husband, Hans, interviewed William about his "Alma Experience." In the interview, William mentions several events and places that were dear to many of Compaņeros.
Photos of the 2014 reunion of the California Province entering classes of 1963, 1964, and 1965

See photos from the entering class of 1960 reunion

For more photos of past reunions:
Santa Cruz, 2004
BBQ at Sacred Heart Center 2004
Santa Cruz, 2005
BBQ at Sacred Heart Center 2005
Santa Cruz, 2006
Santa Cruz, 2007
Sheridan, 2007
Santa Cruz, 2008
Santa Cruz, 2009
See photos from our 2010 reunion
See photos from our 2011 reunion

for other memorabilia ("the way we were")

There are no dues or other formalities, although we are now organized as a non-profit corporation with a board of directors. In addition, many of our number actively continue their personal study of Ignatian spirituality. Currently we are reaching out to all those who were ever part of the California and Oregon provinces, and if you or someone you know is a former Jesuit we would value your contacting us.
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Unexpected Company: Former Jesuits Talk About Their Lives

Intimate Meanderings: Conversations Close to Our Hearts

Transitions in the Lives of Jesuits and Former Jesuits

Jubilee booklet honoring Jim Straukamp

For more about the Companions (WCCI)

Projects connected with or supported by the Companions

portrait by Robert K. Semans
The ideal of "para otros" (for others) that was so much part of the teaching of Father General Arrupe has continued to inspire Companions to assist in a number of efforts to make this a better world.
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The Pacific Institute for Community Organizing (PICO)

The Loyola Institute for Spirituality



Learn about MATRACA, a Jesuit project to help the kids of one Mexican city.
To contact Matraca by email, click here.
Also, learn more about Vivir Joven, another project to assist street kids in Mexico

See a photo of the new buildings at Rutilio Grande in El Salvador, another Companions project

Check the University of California website for more about Passionate Uncertainty,
the book about us by Peter McDonough and Eugene Bianchi

Archived editions of JUST GOOD COMPANY