Companions 2011


February 4–6, 2011



Villa Maria del Mar

Santa Cruz, California




Sister Grayce, our Villa Hostess, with Juanita Cordero & Mary Ann Van Etten




Tom Whaling, Bob Kaiser, Tony & Zeza Salcido, Bob Kramer




Dennis Mulvihill, Larry Castagnola, Robert Rahl




Bob Brophy, Kaiser, Dave Myers




Juanita Schultz, Juanita Cordero, Donna O’Connell,

Dutch Schultz, Mary Ann Van Etten




Tom & Zeza




John Baumann, SJ, & Dennis Mulvihill




Bob Kramer, Bill Masterson, & Doug McFerran




Saturday morning meeting on social justice




Tony Salcido relates the works of Brazilian Jesuits




The Salcidos




Lago gets ready to report on “Amigos Anonymous”




Dave Myers, Karl Neubuerger, Bill Masterson, John Baumann,

Tom Whaling, Bob Brophy, Larry Castagnola,

Jim Donovan (getting food), Morgan Callahan, Juanita Cordero




Almost breakfast time




 Volunteer Chef Pete Ferraro’s dinner menu




On left: Heidi & Lynn Muth, Ed Burke




The Breakfast Club




Kaiser regales John Suggs, Bob Kramer, & Bob Schmitt




Tom Whaling, Bob Gannon, John Aldrian, Roberta Gannon




Across from Dennis & Bill,

Dom Cirincione smiles between John and Larry




Ken Ireland (leaning over) shares an item with Dutch and the Muths;

Lago continues eating




The Muths and Ed Burke




Sisters of the Holy Names, who host the reunion




Sam Scott talking with Heidi, Leon Kunke & David Van Etten the younger




Molly Spore-Alhadef, Joe Mitchell, Dave Myers, Mary Ann Van Etten




Sharing our journeys:

Tony Salcido




Dick Pfaff (front & center) about to pop




George Seeber




Larry Castagnola




Juanita Cordero




Jerry Lagomarsino








Robert snoozes




Ken Ireland




Ed Burke




David Van Etten, younger & elder




David-son’s friend Sam Scott




Frank Munns




John Aldrian makes a point




Bob Gannon




Bob Kramer levitates




Stand-up comic Jim Donovan




Bob Brophy




Dom Cirincione




Jim “PitMan” Donovan & Bob Brophy




John Mossi, SJ, presides at the Saturday afternoon liturgy;

John Suggs adds a memorial card while

Robert Rahl and Dave Myers (not in the picture) alternate reading the names of

departed Companions, Jesuits, and Sisters of the Holy Names




Juanita, who planned the memorial service,

places a card for one of the Sisters




Ed Burke adds a card for Bro. Wally Ryan, SJ




Roberta Gannon




Finishing with a remembrance of Bob Holstein




Requiescant in pace



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