Some years back the Companions took advantage of the Amazon partners program so that this site included pictures as  well as links for the books listed.  The program ended when Amazon settled with the state on charging sales tax and more recently the original links have operated erratically.  In this revision of the site you will see  titles currently available through Amazon, and for more about each title Including cover art) please click on the link. Red asterisks indicate books of special interest because of a Jesuit subject matter (for instance, Companion autobiographies).

If you are a Companion and have a title currently in print, please let me (Doug McFerran) know.

Eugene Bianchi (CFN '48) Aging as a Spiritual Journey
Elder Wisdom
Passionate Uncertainty *
The Bishop of San Francisco (fiction)
The Children's Crusade (fiction)
Taking a Long Road Home *
Ear to the Ground (poetry)

Chewing Down My Barn (poetry)
Morgan Zo-Callahan  (CFN '62)
Bamboo Bending
Intimate Meanderings
Red Buddhist Envelope
Peter Campbell and Ed McMahon (CFN '52) Rediscovering the Lost Body-Connection Within Christian Spirituality
L. Pat Carroll (ORE '54)
Inviting the Mystic, Supporting the Prophet
Where God May be Found
The Right Place for Love *
A Crooked Finger Beckons (poetry)
John Christensen (CFN '63) Behavioral Medicine
Bill Cleary (WIS '47) The Jesuit's Escape *
Tim Flood (CFN '64) Dreams of a Ball in Flight
Jack Gerken (DET '42) Youth and Integrity
Robert Blair Kaiser (CFN '48) Clerical Error *
Whistle: Father Tom Doyle's Steadfast Winess for Victims of Clerical Abuse
Cardinal Mahony (fiction)
A Church in Search of Itself
Inside the Jesuits *
John Lounibos (CFN '54) Self-Emptying of Christ and the Christian
Chris Lowney (NY '76) Heroic Leadership *
Pope Francis *
Barry Martinson, SJ (CFN '63) Celestial Dragon (biography of Francis Rouleau, SJ) *
Song of Orchid Island
Doug McFerran (CFN '52)
 (also writing as David Farren)

Unexpected Company *
Looked for God, Had to Improvise *
Derek and the Y-God (fiction)
Hall the Viking (fiction) 
Shawn Rohrbach (ORE '76) Open Your Heart with Bicycling
Double Cross (fiction)
Strays and Other Stories (fiction)
Michael Saso (CFN '48) Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Priest
The Teachings of Daoist Master Zhuang
The Gold Pavilion
Blue Dragon, White Tiger
Tantric Art and Meditation
Taoism and the Art of Cosmic Renewal
Zen is for Everyone
Velvet Bonds
Bob Willis (ORE '53) Transcendence in Relationship
Breaking the Chains *
The Democracy of God