California 1960 Golden Anniversary Reunion


Photos courtesy of Mary Caye Lagomarsino and Bill Bezdek


The California Province entering class of 1960 celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in September, 2010. Rich and Kristi Berryessa hosted a catered dinner for the CFN-60 CompaƱeros at their home in San Jose, California, on Saturday, 9/11/10, while the Jesuits had their Jubilee Celebration at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, the former novitiate-juniorate site.


The following day, Sunday, 9/12/10, several of the CompaƱeros visited at the SHJC prior to attending a Mass and dinner organized by Jack Flynn, SJ, held at the Santa Clara University Jesuit Villa in Ben Lomond, California, in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Attending one or both events were Bill Bezdek & Luz Valenzuela, Rich & Kristi Berryessa, Mike Byrne, Chris & Nieves Douglass, Jack Flynn, SJ, Eric & Kathleen Hanson, Jim Lohmann, Jerry Martinson, SJ, Bob Padberg & Ellen O'Shaughnessy, Dan Peterson, SJ, Tony Sauer, SJ, Pete & Sherri Sawaya, Bob Semans, Rich Spohn, Dennis Mulvihill, Jerry & Mary Caye Lagomarsino, and Dave Van Etten.




Bob Padberg & Pete Sawaya




Hosts Rich & Kristi Berryessa (standing)




Luz Valenzuela (foreground)




Chris & Nieves Douglass, Eric Hanson




Ralph Drendel, SJ, at SHJC




Seated: Rich Berryessa, Ellen O'Shaughnessy, Jerry Martinson, Ralph Drendel

Standing: Jim Lohmann, Bob Padberg, Bill Bezdek




Bill, Jim, Jerry





SJs Dan Peterson, Tony Sauer, Jerry Martinson



Ellen O'Shaughnessy, Ralph Drendel, SJ, Bob Padberg








Bob & Ellen




Jerry Martinson leads the liturgy at SCU's villa:

Jack Flynn, SJ, Mary Caye & Jerry Lagomarsino, Pete Sawaya,

Chris & Nieves Douglass, Rich Berryessa, Eric & Kathleen Hanson,

back of Mike Byrne



Eric & Kathleen Hanson, Dennis Mulvihill, Ellen O'Shaughnessy,

Bob Padberg, "Shoeless" Tony Sauer, SJ, Dan Peterson, SJ,

Mike Byrne on left




Jerry Lagomarsino, Bob Padberg, Dan Peterson, SJ, Tony Sauer, SJ




Lago, Bob, Dan, Tony, Rich Berryessa




Sherri Sawaya, Ellen O'Shaugnessy, Pete Sawaya




Pete, Bill Bezdek, Luz Valenzuela




Jerry Martinson, SJ, Dennis Mulvihill




Mike Byrne, Bob Semans




Nieves & Chris Douglass




Jerry & Jerry




Bob & Dennis




Lago & Pete




Jerry & Pete




Bob Semans, Mike Byrne, Rich Spohn, Bob Padberg, Dan Peterson, SJ




Rich Spohn, Bob, Sherri




Chris & Dennis




Dennis, Chris, Rich Spohn




Ellen, Nieves





Bob & Ellen











Lago, Rich Berryessa




Jack (Doc) Flynn, SJ




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